Exceptionally successful, competitive, racing class.

Adrenaline packed racing and a full-on social scene. The RS200 is one of the most popular two person sailboats of today. Perfect for moderate weight teams, it's a winner with mixed crews, young sailors and family teams - at clubs, championships and on the RS Racing Circuit. Strict one-design rules keep the competition tight and the budget in control. So it's all about exciting sailing and a good time ashore in the RS community. This Class attracts rock stars and newbies like almost no other. It was one of RS's first - and it's still one of our favorites.

A wide range of sailor sizes and experience levels can enjoy the RS200. Low sheet loads on the jib and an easy one-line asymmetric system mean the RS200 responds to finesse rather than physique. Fully adjustable toe straps suit long and short legs. The rig encourages this size range too: modern developments in power control mean that there is a broader competitive weight range and improved handling in all conditions. Great for both men and women, young and old.

Thriving Class
  • Highly competitive Class with a vibrant social scene on the RS Racing Circuit
  • Big fleets and close, tactical racing
  • Adrenaline and pace
  • Designed for moderate weight teams
  • Popular with couples and young sailors
  • Spacious and deep cockpit for comfortable hiking
  • Toe straps adjustable for both height and reach
  • Thwart gives comfortable light wind crew position.
  • Open transom allows the RS200 to virtually self drain after a capsize and a moulded self bailer quickly removes remaining water
  • Immensely strong hull laminate ensures a long competitive life
  • Fittings layout designed for all combinations of strength and experience in the helm and crew.
  • Either sailor can perform important functions such as spinnaker hoists / drops - cunningham - vang
  • Top quality fittings
  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder for easy launch and recovery
  • GRP sandwich construction for strong, light, high performance foils.
  • Superb rig design giving power control and a broad competitive weight range
  • Excellent handling in all conditions
  • Mylar mainsail with soft full-length battens to reduce "ragging" and extend the life of the sail - yet allowing the sail to de-power at rest.
  • Dacron jib is easy to "read" in light winds. Low sheet loads so even the lightest of sailors enjoy the ride
  • Asymmetric spinnaker with single line hoist and drop system
  • Harken deck fittings
  • Continuous 16:1 kicker
  • Capsize righting lines
  • Top cover - Breathable polycotton
  • Under cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Burgee wind indicator
  • Tack tick micro compass - Inc mast bracket

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